The Mission


Craig And Doc Marty decided to team up and create a solution for patients that wanted to get to the root cause of their problem, unsatisfied with treating the mere symptoms of a dysfunctional body they devised a plan, a solution to sitting. The many thousands of hours we rack up in the seated position have had an effect on our bodies, it's undisputable and needs to be addressed. The Unsit Your Back program is the solution to this global problem. 

Dr Martin Krüger


Dr Martin Krüger qualified with a Masters degree (M.Tech Chiro) in Chiropractic from Wits Technikon in 2004. The topic of his thesis was ‘Chiropractic and Ergonomics for the treatment of lower back pain in the corporate environment’. He started his private practice in Johannesburg, South Africa and now owns and manages a multi disciplinary centre called Dr. Krüger derives a deep sense of fulfilment from learning and has lectured and spoken for various events as a motivational speaker and educator. Dr. Krüger is wildly passionate about Chiropractic and Functional Medicine and is happiest when sharing these magnificent healing paradigms with his friends, patients and the public.

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Craig van Heerden

Hey, Craig here. Everyone who knows is sure of this: I am obsessed with human movement. I studied Biomedical Sciences and went on to become a certified Biokineticist. Most of my clinical experience has been spent treating orthopaedic injury, especially lower back pain. Alongside this professional journey, I have engaged passionately in many forms of movement, including gymnastics, Olympic and powerlifting, endurance sports, CrossFit, yoga, and much more. Through combining ideas from these many disciplines, the UnSit Your Back protocol was born.

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