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The Book

The authors have a combined two decades of experience dealing with the consequences of sitting. The result of their work is the UnSit Your Back Program - a process designed to help you feel your best despite living in a world made of chairs.


*paperback, South Africa only​


The Mission


Using digital technologies, we are guiding people to undo the damage caused by sitting, and to prevent future damage from occuring.

Our priority is to help people prevent the excessive and unnecessary suffering from this underappreciated insult - the sedentary sitting lifestyle.

Craig Van Heerden

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Dr Martin Krüger


Dr A.R

"I'm loving the course and learned so much! I've survived a whole day online course and for the first time have zero back pain!"


Really conscious of sitting better for the majority of my sitting day. I am immediately aware when I am not sitting right and correct myself. Stretches also helping, improved mobility and reduced pain" 


"Body feels really good, Thank you! No joint pain in the morning and sleeping like the dead"

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